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We EPG group one of the Biggest Chain and sprocket manufacturer in China. We provide you most type of industry chains, agricultural chains, conveyor chains and related sprockets etc……..

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AR828 It has established stable cooperation with many well known universities and institutes in china such as, Zhejiang University, Jilin University, Technical committee of national chain & sprocket drive standard, Institute of national chain & sprocket drive, Zhejiang application engineering material institute, Huhan material protection institute; and it cooperated to found China First Car chain & sprocket institute with National chain & sprocket drive class chain & sprockets & precision roller chain & sprockets. Single strand chain & sprocket, multi-strand chain & sprockets, double pitch chain & sprockets, corrosion resistant chain & sprockets, self-lubricating chain & sprockets, attachment chain & sprockets, leaf chain & sprockets, and specialty chain & sprockets.K 4-1/2″ Table Top Chain & Sprocket is manufactured out of abrasion resistant polyamide and is black in color. 828 series chain & sprockets are manufactured as a single hinged reduced plate gap design for applications that need it. This chain & sprocket has stainless steel pins for better strength and performance.

AR828KG450 Dimensions:

  • Chain & Sprocket Size: AR828KG450
  • Plate Material: Abrasion Resistant Polyamid
  • Pin Material: Stainless Steel
  • Width (W): 4.50″
  • Plate Thickness: 0.16″
  • Working Load: 450 LBS
  • W8: 0.75 LBS/ FT

Besides the AR828 K 4-1/2″ chain & sprocket, we also have a full line of high quality and high strength sprockets that are readily available. For more information or to get a formal quotation please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.Tel: +86-57188220973 Mail us: [email protected]

China  in Utsunomiya Japan  AR828 K 4-1/2

China  in Utsunomiya Japan  AR828 K 4-1/2

China  in Utsunomiya Japan  AR828 K 4-1/2